About United Services Association

United Services Association is a dedicated agricultural-based association, uniting agricultural cooperatives and retail entities that provide essential services and inputs to farmers, ranchers, and livestock producers. Our primary focus is to enhance the profitability of our members through a range of specialized services and products. By leveraging our collective strength, we are able to procure agricultural inputs more efficiently and cost-effectively than our members could individually.

Product and services include:

Procurement of Agricultural Inputs:

Our association's leveraged buying capability and procurement expertise allow us to secure favorable positions that surpass what our members could negotiate independently. Through strategic procurement strategies, we help our members collectively mitigate the risks associated with volatile input commodity markets.

Procurement Services:

At United Services Association, the cornerstone of our mission is to elevate the profitability of our members, and this commitment resonates in all our procurement endeavors. Our leveraged buying capability empowers us to secure advantageous terms and discounts that are often elusive for individual companies. Here's why partnering with United Services Association for your procurement needs is a smart choice:

What Sets United Services Association Apart:

We pride ourselves on having an executive leadership team with extensive experience, conducting business with honesty, integrity, transparency, and mutual respect for our members, business associates, and suppliers - our stakeholders.

Our strength lies in our vast network of stakeholder collaborations, enabling us to solve problems and seize opportunities more effectively.

At the core of United Services Association's success are our core values of commitment, mutual respect, confidentiality, and trust. These principles guide us as we combine our resources with our stakeholders, leveraging our Agri-Business capabilities for the benefit of our valued members.

Core Principles

  • Relationships:
    We conduct business with an unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity, and the highest levels of confidentiality. Building trust with all stakeholders is paramount. We listen to our members, recognize their unique needs, and act upon them. Our proven experience and dedication to service sets us apart, fostering preferred dealer and supplier relationships.
  • Profitability:
    Our aim is to maximize leveraged buying capabilities, driving increased profitability for our members. We negotiate terms and discounts that might otherwise be out of reach for individual cooperatives. By timing purchases strategically, we help our members make informed decisions to meet their business needs.
  • Distribution:
    Recognizing the significance of timely delivery of quality products, we continually seek new supply sources and logistical opportunities. We evaluate and leverage various distribution methods and terminals, assisting with transportation issues to ensure a seamless supply chain.
  • Efficiency:
    Devoting full-time efforts to market awareness and procurement activities, we allow our members to concentrate on operational and marketing efforts. Additionally, our services benefit suppliers by providing easy and efficient access to professional and responsible Ag retail chains.

Collaborative Partnership

Our unique approach involves close collaboration with department leaders of our members and representatives of our suppliers. This partnership maximizes overall efficiency and profitability, ensuring a cohesive and fruitful relationship.