About United Services

United Services Association is an agricultural based association whose members are agricultural cooperatives and retail entities providing services and inputs to farmers, ranchers and livestock producers. The Association enhances our members’ profitability through various service and products. The Association provides services and products more cost effectively than members could obtain independently.  Product and services include:

Procurement of Agricultural Inputs:

 Leveraged buying capability and procurement expertise enables us to obtain more favorable positions  than our members could negotiate individually.  Through the Association's procurement strategies, the members can collectively mitigate the risks associated with volatile input commodity markets.

What makes United Services Association so unique?

An executive leadership team with experience that conducts business through Honesty, Integrity with Transparency and Mutual Respect for our members, business associates and suppliers... our stakeholders. 

Vast network of stakeholder collaborations allow us to solve problems and capitalize on opportunities more effectively.

United Services Association owes its success to the spirit of Commitment, Mutual Respect, Confidentiality and Trust that serve as the guideposts in combining our resources with our stakeholders to leverage our Agri-Business capabilities for the benefit of our members.