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About United Services

United Services Association is an agricultural based association whose members are agricultural cooperatives and retail entities providing services and inputs to farmers, ranchers and livestock producers. The Association provides value to its members through various service offerings. Through the collaborative needs and efforts of the members, the Association provides services and products that individual members are unable to cost effectively procure, implement or obtain. Product services include:

Procurement of Agricultural Inputs: 

 Leveraged buying capability enables us to obtain terms and discounts that many companies are unable to negotiate on their own. Through the Association's procurement strategies, the members are able to share mutually in managing risks associated with volatile input commodity markets.

Risk Management Services:  

Our risk management team at United Services Association has the knowledge and experience to help reduce loss potential. With our risk management expertise, we can analyze, develop plans and make recommendations to economically administer the protection of our members' assets.

Human Resources Services: 

 United Services Association maintains an alliance with HireQuality HR Solutions allowing member companies to cost effectively source human resource services directly from HireQuality HR Solutions. We work closely with Nan Boland for any specific human resource needs. The following link will take you to their website:  www.HireQualityHRSolutions.com.

Management Services:  

The Association provides assistance and service in various capacities to meet the needs of its members. Whether it is developing a mid-management leadership development program for members' management teams, or being a resource for members' board and staff meetings or retreats, the end goal is being responsive to individual member needs.

By coordinating the expertise within the membership and/or utilizing our extensive networking capabilities, we are able to assist our members in finding solutions to their challenges.

Management services host the information system and technology platform which facilitates a centralized electronic connectivity point between the members and key external stakeholders.

Management services are also accountable for the administration, treasury functions, governance, member recruitment and strategic direction of the association along with developing and nurturing stakeholder relationships.


What makes United Services Association so unique?

Conducting business through Honesty, Integrity with Transparency and Mutual Respect for our members, business associates and suppliers... our stakeholders

Sharing ideas among our stakeholders leading to the solution of problems and to capitalize on Opportunities

Being in a position to perform a Discovery role for the members and providing Networking capabilities to access support specialists who can add value to our businesses.

United Services Association owes its success to the spirit of Commitment, Mutual Respect, Confidentiality and Trust that serve as the guideposts in combining our resources with our stakeholders to leverage our Agri-Business abilities for the benefit of all.



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