Rowdy Smith

Rowdy is a seasoned business professional with an impressive career spanning over two decades. Renowned as a high-impact leader, Rowdy has honed his expertise at the intersection of finance, marketing, commercial operations, and strategic management.

Kicking off his professional journey as a certified public accountant at McGladrey & Pullen, Rowdy quickly displayed his aptitude for financial acumen. In 2001, he transitioned into DuPont's esteemed agribusiness division, where he embarked on a remarkable trajectory. Over the years at DuPont, Rowdy held numerous pivotal roles in Finance, Marketing, Commercial operations, and Strategy. He played a significant part in the success of the company, notably during the merger between Dow and DuPont, where he led the Integration Management Office for the agricultural businesses.

Following the formation and subsequent spin-off into Corteva Agriscience, Rowdy continued to excel in leadership capacities. Notable positions included overseeing global seed strategy, global seed treatments and biologicals, Asia Pacific marketing and business development, and revamping global ERP transformation initiatives.

Rowdy's vast experience, coupled with his strategic vision and ability to navigate multifaceted aspects of business, has established him as a driving force in the agricultural industry. His acumen in financial management, marketing strategies, commercial operations, and strategic planning has been instrumental in steering businesses toward growth and success.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Rowdy remains engaged in various industry and community endeavors. His dedication to fostering progress and innovation in the agricultural sector is evident through his extensive leadership and accomplishments.

With a proven track record of achievement and a reputation for excellence, Rowdy continues to make significant contributions to the business landscape, shaping the future of agriculture through his strategic insights and impactful leadership.