Our risk management team at United Services Association has the knowledge and experience to help reduce loss potential. With our risk management expertise we can analyze, develop plans, and make recommendations to economically administer the protection of our members' assets.

Risk Identification

  • On-site inspections.
  • Analysis and measurement of risk exposures.

Risk Control

  • Continuation of the utilization of the disciplines of avoidance, reduction, retention or the transfer of risk.
  • Sharing ideas, uses, and knowledge of risk control among the members.
  • Implementation of common risk control practices.
  • Ongoing measurement of our progress to reduce risk exposure.

Insurance Coverage Analysis

  • Preparation, analysis and administration of insurance contracts.
  • Selection and use of brokers and insurance carriers.
  • Innovation and enhancement of standard coverages.
  • Individual customization of coverages.

Economical Advantages

  • Pooling the purchasing of risk transfer.
  • Leverage in premium pricing.
  • Development, selection, and use of financial alternatives.
  • Shared Risk Management function.

Claims Management

  • Centralized claims handling and administration.
  • Analysis of claims histories.
  • Interpretation of coverage for maximizing claims recovery.


  • Source of information and training to and from our members on the reduction of risk exposure.
  • Updates of changes and trends within the Risk Management Industry.

The overall goal of our Risk Management Program at United Services Association is to minimize or eliminate potential loss exposure for our members.